Opening Weekend Fox River Musky

45 Inch Fox River Musky

45 Inch Fox River Musky

 Above is a picture of one of 4 muskies my dad and I caught opening weekend of musky season on the Fox River.  We ended up landing 2 – 45″ fish and 2 – 41″ fish.  In addition to landing 4 fish in 2 days, 2 of the fish hit at the boat.  What a great weekend.

Musky Crankbait Video

Check out this video of one of my lures produced by Todd Williamson from Lures in Action.  Todd specializes in making videos for companies that want to see how their lures work in natural surroundings.  The footage also highlights how the colors of a lure look under water.   Check out the Lures in Action website for more videos and information about this unique company.


8 inch Crappie Pattern Crankbait Video


Hawgeyes Guide Service

Hawgeyes Guide Service

Manitowoc Area Fishing Report 9/5/10

The past 2 weeks in the Manitowoc area have been a time of change beginning with the weather which is transitioning into the fall time period.  The transition has been from the dog days of summer patterns directly into fall patterns within a weeks time, and this is not always good for fishing.  As air temperatures fall, water temperatures fall just as fast and fish have to adjust which takes time.  As fish are adjusting to falling water temps, they also have to adjust to the amount of diminishing daylight.  This time of year can be challenging, but when the weather stabilizes, fishing can be fantastic.

With these changing conditions water temps close to shore in Lake Michigan dropped 15-20 degrees and brought the prespawn 4 year old salmon close to shore and near tributaties for the spawning run.  Although fishing may be spotty right now, the next 2-4 weeks will be the best of the year, and will allow shore anglers access to great fishing.  There also has been some great bass fishing in the Manitowoc Harbor area with tubes and spinnerbaits working well. 

I do not have anything to report for the inland lakes in the county, but look for fishing to pick up.  Due to the decreasing sunlight, designated weeds will start to die, which forces fish to the remaining green weeds in the lakes.  These areas are generally in 6-10 feet of water.  Will keep you posted on any reports.

Walleye and perch fishing has been good on the bay of Green Bay with nice catches reported in many areas.

This post includes a picture of my son and two nephews with a small bass we caught near the Manitowoc Marina.  We had a great time with landing 2 small bass and having many other hits.  Thanks kids for the great day!

Manitowoc Area Fishing Report 8/16/10

Fishing in the Manitowoc area has taken a turn for the better and early fall patterns are beginning to take shape.  In addition to these fall patterns, the weather has become more seasonable with nice days and cool nights.  Daylight hours are less which are triggering fish to feed more often giving anglers more opportunities. 

Fishing in the Manitowoc Harbor area this past Sunday was very productive with my dad and I boating over 30 smallmouth bass.  Along with boating the 30 plus fish we also missed 10-20 that struck our lures short.  It seemed like where we started to catch fish, there were a lot more that were feeding in the same area.  We looked for point areas with current and those seemed to hold the most fish.  Our biggest was probably 3 pounds, but even the smallest bass gives up the biggest fight. 

Salmon fishing is still taking place in the deep water off of Manitowoc and Two Rivers, but start looking for them to move in any day due to the strong west winds pushing the warm water offshore.  This is also coinciding with the start of the fall salmon run, which is one of my favorite times of year. 

I do not have much more to report from other areas, but look for fishing to improve in the coming weeks with the onset of fall coming very soon.

Manitowoc Area Fishing Report

As far as fishing goes in the Manitowoc area, I think we reached the dog days of summer!  Fish now are feeding during peak periods which are very short.  Some fishermen are reporting some bluegills on inland lakes along with some bass, but the bass are also on the small side.  The heat is also getting to some of the fishermen and is keeping them off of the water.

Lake Michigan fishing has also slowed and is attributed to the warm water temperatures.  Water temps near the shore are reaching the low 70 degree mark. 

Perch fishing has also slowed near Hika Bay and some cold water may bring them back in.

Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay anglers are reporting some good walleye action, but is spotty.  Perch action has also been reported, but spotty as well.

This upcoming weekend August 6-8 is Lakeshore Weekend benefiting Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin.  I am organizing a kids fishing event Saturday morning and will be expecting 50+ kids that will enjoy the great sport of fishing.  We will have prizes for the top catches and gift bags for all.  Please check out the Lakeshore Weekend Website for more informastion.

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Winnipeg River Musky Report

38 Inch Musky on a Suick in a west facing weed bay

38 Inch Musky on a Suick in a west facing weed bay

48 1/2 inch musky
48 1/2 inch musky that hit on a figure 8 after 5 plus minutes of following our lures
Second cast of the morning landed this 47 1/2 inch beauty.

Second cast of the morning landed this 47 1/2 inch beauty.

Third musky of 3 that were caught within an hour of the moonrise - sunset time frame.

Third musky of 3 that were caught within an hour of the moonrise - sunset time frame.

Second of 3 muskies caught during the moonrise sunset time frame.

Second of 3 muskies caught during the moonrise sunset time frame.

First musky of 3, 36 Inch Musky caught within 1 hour of the moonrise sunset time frame

My second trip to the Winnipeg River was a great success, not only to the number of fish we caught, but to the great camaraderie our group had.  We saw many fish per day and lost track many of the days.  We had great stories of follows and lost fish which will be told for years to come.  The weather was great and our group caught fish every day except for two, which I cannot explain.   Our best day was Sunday with 9 fish landed.  I have more pictures to add, stay tuned.

Manitowoc Area Fishing Report 7/12/10

A couple of nice king salmon caught off of the mouth of the Manitowoc Breakwaters.  They were caught jigging 5/8 ounce Krocdiles off of the bottom.  Much more fun than trolling!!!

We also missed 3 other fish.  Jigging is a great alternative to catch salmon when they are feeding in relatively small area.

Manitowoc Area Fishing Report 7/3/10

Just an initial report to kick off my new website.  Thank you for viewing and please reply with any comments.  My reports will consist of local reports from the area of Manitowoc County, Northeast Wisconsin and from various trips that I will make to various waters.  I am also will be traveling to the Winnepeg River System to fish Muskies and will try to post reports if possible, not sure about internet access.

The Manitowc Salmon Derby is winding up and sounds like a lot of fish were caught, including a 23 pound King, 10 pound Coho.  Pier anglers have had limited success, but the bite seems to be early in the morning and ending by 4:30am.  Although the water is still fairly warm (63 degrees), it is the time of year where the we will have a few days of west winds which will bring some salmon infested waters near shore.  This will allow the pier anglers to cash in on some great fishing as well as boat anglers willing to cast or jig.

Perch action has been spotty off of Hika, but some reports have guys catching some 10″-14″ perch.  Once the water clears and cools off the bite will improve.

Perch action on the Bay of  Green Bay is spotty but anglers are catching a fair amount, but having to sort through a lot of smalller fish.

Panfish action on some of the local lakes has been spotty also and their feeding window is decreasing so if you are patient you could have some good success.

Please keep checking and I will continue to post accurate reports.

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